Average Payment Plan

You can reduce the fluctuations of your monthly gas bill and make budgeting your energy expenses easy by registering for Average Payment Plan, which is based on a 12-month rolling average of your natural gas bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Average Payment Plan

What is Average Payment Plan?

The Average Payment Plan is a way to reduce the volatility of seasonal energy expenses by spreading out the cost throughout the year based on your residence’s 12-month rolling bill average.

What is the benefit for enrolling in Average Payment Plan?

You reduce the ups and downs in your monthly natural gas bill, which can fluctuate seasonally. The plan is designed to help you budget your energy expenses by paying less than your actual bill in high use months and more than your actual bill in low use months.

Do I qualify?

Most residential and commercial accounts without a past due balance at the time of enrollment are eligible and all future bills must be paid on or before the due date.

Who is not eligible?

Customers with less than six months previous usage history at the address. Commercial customers must enroll during an enrollment period, which runs from April through July.

Once enrolled, when does the plan begin?

The plan will begin with your next bill. Any current charges must be paid by the due date. The monthly payment amount will increase or decrease depending on usage and cost of gas. You must participate in the plan for 12 consecutive months.

Pet Safety

When our service technicians are at your home or business, you can help protect your animals and our employees by keeping your pets in a safe area away from the natural gas meters and appliances.

Paper-free, Hassle-free

Now you can open your bill with just the click of a mouse. By enrolling in our Paperless Billing Program, you’ll receive your monthly billing statement online instead of in the mail.

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