CNG Rebate Program

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission approved a compressed natural gas (CNG) rebate program for Oklahoma Natural Gas. This rebate program is intended to promote CNG use in Oklahoma. Rebates will be funded through a 25-cent surcharge on each gallon of CNG sold at all public CNG dispensers owned and operated by Oklahoma Natural Gas.

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Download the rebate application here.

Rebates will be processed on a first come, first served basis as funds are available, with a complete application.

Properly completed rebate applications received after January 20, 2016, will be paid at the levels of $2,000 for a dedicated CNG vehicle, $2,000 for a bi-fueled vehicle and $3,000 for a residential home-fueling system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Tariff 707 – CNG?

Tariff 707 allows Oklahoma Natural Gas to assess a surcharge of 25 cents per gas gallon equivalent (GGE) at all public CNG dispensers owned and operated by the company to fund a CNG incentive program.


What is the purpose of the CNG surcharge incentive program?

This program is designed to promote and support the CNG market in Oklahoma. Program funds will be used to offer rebates to Oklahoma residents for the purchase of dedicated and bi-fueled natural gas vehicles and residential CNG fueling systems.


How much are the rebates that will be paid with the program funds?

Dedicated natural gas vehicle - $2,000
Bi-fueled natural gas vehicle - $2,000 
Residential CNG fueling system - $3,000 

Who is eligible for a rebate?

Vehicle rebates are available to individual Oklahoma residents, commercial or industrial companies doing business in Oklahoma. The eligible rebate will be exclusively for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) tagged, titled and licensed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission for use on public streets and highways within Oklahoma.


How will the residential CNG fueling system rebates work?

CNG fueling system rebates are available to individual, Oklahoma residents who install CNG fueling systems to serve their NGVs at home. The installed fueling system must be utilized for NGVs that are tagged, titled and licensed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission for use on public streets and highways within the State of Oklahoma.


Is there a cap on the number of rebates that can be given to one applicant?

Yes, rebates are capped at three (3) rebates per applicant, per calendar year.


What are the conditions an applicant must meet before they become eligible for a rebate?

The following conditions must be met before an applicant qualifies for a rebate:

  1. Purchase of a dedicated or bi-fueled NGV. NGV must be an “Original Equipment Manufacturer” (OEM) CNG vehicle or contain an Environmental Protection Agency/California Air Resources Board (“EPA/CARB”) Certified Kit;
  2. NGV must be a model year less than or equal to ten (10) years from the rebate application year;
  3. NGV qualifies for only one rebate during its lifetime, regardless of ownership;
  4. NGV must have been purchased or converted within ninety (90) days of the applicant’s request for a rebate;
  5. The purchase of dedicated or bi-fueled NGVs and the purchase of residential CNG fueling systems must occur after Oklahoma Corporation Commission approval of the Tariff ;
  6. Dealers/installers do not qualify;
  7. A completed application; and
  8. Oklahoma Natural Gas reserves the right to verify the applicant’s eligibility for a rebate.


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