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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my account information?

If you would like to update existing account information such as, your name, service address, mailing address, phone numbers, employment information, etc. or add another person to your account please contact us.

You can send us an email, please include your full name and account number or service address in all correspondence; please provide the information you would like updated or added. Please be specific, we will not make any changes if we do not understand what you are requesting.

If you prefer, you may speak to a representative by calling 1-800-664-5463 during normal business hours.

I tried to log in to my account and it said it was locked. What do I do now?

To protect your personal information and privacy we lock access to your account for ten minutes after five (5) failed attempts to login. If you have inadvertently locked your account it will automatically unlock after the ten minutes.

Please remember passwords are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your username or password you may recover them by using the Login Help link located on the homepage.

If you require additional help send us an e-mail.

I forgot my password. Can I find out what it is?

If you've forgotten your password you can use the Retrieve it here link located on the home page and follow these instructions:

 1.  Enter your e-mail address or username
 2.  Click the Submit button
 3.  Enter your secret answer
 4.  Click the Submit button and you will receive an email at your registered email address containing a temporary password.
 5.  Login to your account with your username and temporary password.
 6.  Select My Account
 7.  Select Manage User Account
 8.  Select Password Change
 9.  Enter your temporary (current) password
10.  Enter a new password
11.  Confirm your new password
12.  Click Change Password

If you require additional assistance send us an e-mail.

How do I change my password?

Login into your natural gas account and select 'My Account' from the menu.

1.  Select Manage User Account
2.  Select Manage Billing Accounts
3.  Select Password Change
4.  Enter your current password
5.  Enter your new password.
6.  Confirm your new password.
7.  Click the Change Password button.

Change your password now.

I forgot my user name. What should I do?

If you've forgotten your username you can use the Retrieve it here link located on the home page. Then, enter the requested information and click the Submit button. If the information you entered is correct, your username will be displayed on screen.

If you require additional assistance send us an e-mail.

Is the service initiation deposit refundable?

Once the deposit is paid in full, we will refund the deposit toward your account after twelve (12) consecutive months of good payment history.


How do I start my gas service?

To initiate service, please use our electronic residential start service application. To avoid delays in getting service turned on, please notify us as far in advance as possible prior to the move.

The information required for establishing gas service is the service address or meter number of the actual residence, home phone number, full names and social security numbers for all adults in the home, name and telephone numbers for employers including length of employment, and the name and telephone number of a friend or relative or someone who could be contacted in case of emergency. You should also include the mailing address where you want your statements sent if it is different than the service address.

There must be someone 18 or older at the residence all day if the gas service is being restored to the residence; or if our technician needs to inspect or light your natural gas appliances. There is a $25 trip charge for a missed appointment.

There is a $35 service initiation fee for establishing the service, which will appear on your first month's statement. If a deposit is required, it is based on 1/6 of the estimated annual usage (residential accounts only).

Please allow three business days for your request to be processed.

What are the charges for restoring gas service?

Whenever gas service to any customer is discontinued for non-payment, we will bill a reconnection charge to have service restored.

All of our charges and tariffs are approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Whenever gas service to a consumer is discontinued for nonpayment of gas bills, the company will require payment or other satisfactory arrangement before restoring service and will charge a service fee when service is restored as follows:

During Normal Business Hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) $50
During Regular Overtime (5 p.m. to 8 a.m.) $50
During Weekends and Holidays $50

Reconnections outside of normal business hours are only available during winter months and are subject to availability.

Do I have to pay the connection fees up front or can they be put on my first bill?

The $35 service initiation or connection fee is billed on your first statement. It does not have to be paid before service is started.

I am moving. Can I schedule to have my service turned off online?

To stop your gas service please provide your name, service address, contact phone number, email address, account number, the date to terminate service, and if you have a locked gate, dog, or obstruction which prevents access to the meter. You should also provide the mailing address for your final bill. This information can be submitted online by using our residential stop service form.

Please allow three business days for your request to be processed.

I want to transfer my gas service from one address to another. Can I do this online?

Yes. If you are moving from one Oklahoma Natural Gas Company service area or address to another please complete the residential transfer service form. Once you submit the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Please be advised there will be a $35 transfer fee billed to you on your first month's statement at your new home.

Please allow three business days for your request to be processed.

Pet Safety

When our service technicians are at your home or business, you can help protect your animals and our employees by keeping your pets in a safe area away from the natural gas meters and appliances.

Paper-free, Hassle-free

Now you can open your bill with just the click of a mouse. By enrolling in our Paperless Billing Program, you’ll receive your monthly billing statement online instead of in the mail.

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