Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -- September 1-- Oklahoma Natural Gas customers will have the option of locking in the per-unit cost of the natural gas they use this winter if they choose to enroll in the company's Voluntary Fixed-Price Plan. The company recently announced that the program price for natural gas will be $3.751 per Dekatherm, effective for the 12-month period that begins Nov. 1, 2015.

The Voluntary Fixed-Price Plan is a customer choice program offered to help customers manage their natural gas bills. Participating in fixed-pricing does not guarantee savings. It is only an option for helping to better budget for a customer's energy consumption.

Customers who participate will continue to pay the normal service and delivery charges, and their bills will still vary some according to the volume of natural gas they use. But the cost of the natural gas fuel will not change, if a customer is enrolled in the Voluntary Fixed-Priced Plan. For each Dekatherm used, the natural gas cost portion will be $3.751. A Dekatherm is the approximate amount of energy contained in 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

Oklahoma Natural Gas purchases natural gas supplies for its customers through a competitive bidding process to ensure a competitive price, balanced portfolio and secure supply. It's important to note that customers who participate in the Voluntary Fixed-Price Plan may pay more or less over the 12-month period than customers who continue to pay the company's normal system price for natural gas.

Oklahoma Natural Gas makes no profit on the sale of natural gas; the company earns a return through regulated charges associated with delivering the natural gas.

Enrollment in the Voluntary Fixed-Price Plan is open to residential and small commercial customers (those using 150 Dekatherms or less annually) and will continue through Oct. 17, 2015.

Customers received more information about the plan and an enrollment form with their September bills.