Winter 2021

*** 2/23/21 Curtailment Update ***

In Oklahoma, we notified all customers that the curtailment in effect since February 14, 2021 was lifted as of Sunday, February 21, 2021.The lifting of the curtailment permits businesses, at their discretion, to resume normal operations.


2/22/21 Curtailment Update

In Oklahoma, we have issued an amendment to the existing curtailment that allows our customers begin the process of resuming normal operations as long as they match their volumes to their nominations.
UPDATE: 2/18/2021 8:30 a.m.
  • Recently, Oklahoma Natural Gas asked that you curtail your operations. We know this has likely caused inconvenience and had a large impact on your business. However, your cooperation has helped us avoid widespread natural gas outages. Thank you for helping us keep our communities safe and warm. 
  • Our employees continue to work around the clock so that your business can return to normal operating conditions as soon as possible. Your continued curtailment is critical, and we will be in touch with you as soon as we have an update.

Current curtailment efforts must continue until further notice. Oklahoma Natural Gas will continue to evaluate natural gas supply and provide additional communication as soon as updates become available.  Any additional updates will be posted to this site.

Curtailment does not apply to residential homes, municipalities, schools, hospitals, health care facilities, hotels or lodging facilities, grocery stores, universities, colleges, churches, public safety buildings, multi-family dwellings and apartments, for uses other than electric generation. 

Given the historic nature of this weather, it will take all of us to avoid a large outage situation caused by loss of pressure. Below you will find answers that explain why there is such a great need for energy conservation and what steps we are taking to prevent any loss of service.  

Why has this weather caused so many problems?

Due to the unprecedented, historically low temperatures over an extended period, we are seeing much higher natural gas use coupled with supply issues. As of this morning, our suppliers of natural gas are experiencing freezing gas wells due to the duration of the extreme cold. This is impacting the amount of gas they are able to provide to us.

Are you experiencing natural gas outages? 

At this time, our system has experienced very few outages.. However, with below freezing temperatures forecast through the end of the week, we are planning for shortages and putting measures in place to keep gas service to our residential and human needs customers . That’s why we are asking for your help.

Our gas supply team is closely monitoring the weather and load forecast. Additionally, we are monitoring pipeline notices and are in communication with upstream pipeline providers on the status of their operations.

Oklahoma Natural Gas has directed non-residential transportation customers to curtail in order to conserve gas for residential and human needs customers.  Following our regulatory obligations under our curtailment plan, an initial critical step is to take measures to seek assistance from our large commercial and industrial and transport customers to help avoid disruptions. 

Large-use customers can play an important and pivotal role in helping the community avert a disruption in service.

Large-use customers must do the following:

  • Switch to an alternate or back-up fuel source, if possible; or
  • Place your facility in plant protection mode or idle mode; or
  • Limit gas usage to the facility’s minimum system requirements necessary to prevent freezing of pipes and protection of equipment and/or facility; or
  • Other efforts to reduce their natural gas usage to the extent possible and necessary until notified in order to prioritize the service to human needs customers.
  • Additional curtailments may be required and will be communicated as needed.

The following links will help answer many of the questions and provide updates on the severe cold weather Oklahoma is currently experiencing:

Have questions or need to contact us? Email us at

For loss of service or emergency, please contact 800-458-4251.

To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area immediately and then call 911 and 800-458-4251.