Benefits of Natural Gas Appliances

With natural gas appliances, you can save money in the long run with energy savings. Dollar for dollar, natural gas is your best energy choice: natural gas unit prices are consistently lower than electricity and propane. Natural gas is also the best choice for the environment and for meeting your indoor air quality needs.

Home Heating
Natural gas furnaces heat homes faster. Air from a natural gas furnace is up to 25 degrees warmer when it comes through the vent than air from an electric heat pump.

Water Heating
The average household can save approximately $200 per year on their energy bill by replacing an electric water heater with a natural gas water heater.

Natural gas dryers have faster cycle times than electric dryers. They handle two loads for the same cost of drying one load in an electric dryer.

In The Kitchen
A natural gas range can operate at about half the cost of an electric range.



To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area immediately and then call 911 and 800-458-4251.