Every dollar counts: How Oklahoma Natural Gas is helping Norman Housing Authority residents save energy and money

Norman Housing AuthorityIn Norman Housing Authority’s Section 8 duplexes, residents’ furnaces were extremely old, inefficient and in need of replacement. The 82 duplex homes in the area were built in the 1980s, and some furnaces were older than the buildings themselves.

With rebates from Oklahoma Natural Gas’ Energy Efficiency program, the Norman Housing Authority was able to replace all 82 furnaces with high-efficiency models in order to help residents save energy and lower utility costs. 

“Residents pay their own utility bills, so it’s a huge help to them to have more efficient furnaces,” said Bobbe Feher-Nist, director of public housing at Norman Housing Authority.

In addition to a $550 rebate for each of the 82 high efficiency furnaces, the contractors who helped install the furnaces in each of the units also received a $50 contractor installation rebate.

“It’s great that Oklahoma Natural Gas offers a rebate program that allowed Norman Housing Authority to install better equipment for low income residents,” said Karen Canavan, executive director of public housing at Norman Housing Authority. “Without rebates, the housing authority would not have been able to install the higher efficiency furnaces.” 

Feher-Nist explained that some residents have been able to put money saved through the energy efficiency program toward eventually buying a home or going back to school. 

“Our residents are always ecstatic whenever we’re able to do something new or better for their units. Doing this work is obviously a little intrusive in the unit and disrupts the families, but the residents were delighted and extremely cooperative throughout the process,” said Feher-Nist.

Canavan and Feher-Nist worked with Steve Plummer at Oklahoma Natural Gas who helped the housing authority complete the 82 rebate applications for all of the units. They shared that Steve exceeded expectations and even came in person to pick up the first bundle, ensuring nothing was rejected.  

“We would like other landlords, housing authorities and Oklahoma contractors to know how great of an opportunity this is,” said Feher-Nist. 

By knowing the types of rebates available through Oklahoma Natural Gas, like the natural gas heating-system program for Norman Housing Authority, contractors can promote their products and services while saving their customers money. 

Getting an installation rebate is simple. Contractors must review program eligibility and requirements with customers, install the new natural gas appliance and mail in the completed application form. 

Visit Oklahoma Natural Gas’ Contractor Rebate Program page for more information: 

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