As your natural gas utility provider, we are proud to have served you as safely and reliably as possible during those challenging times. By purchasing natural gas to keep gas flowing to our customers’ homes and businesses throughout Winter Storm Uri, your safety was our top priority.

What do I need to know about my bill?

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (“OCC”) has recently approved a securitization mechanism that was developed to allow the collection of those extraordinary costs from Winter Storm Uri over several years, thereby lessening the impact on customer's monthly bills. 

How will this impact my bill?

The average residential customer will see a monthly charge between $5 to $8, based on their annual natural gas usage. Option A customers (those who use less than 50 dekatherms of natural gas each year) will pay $5.05 a month. Option B customers (those who use 50 dekatherms or more of natural gas each year) will pay $8.07 a month, and low-income (LIHEAP) customers will pay $0. This charge began appearing as the “Winter Event Cost Recovery” line item on your bill in August 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about the Winter Weather Cost Recovery 

  • How much are residential customers having to pay?
    Please see the "Winter Storm Uri Cost Recovery By the Numbers" section at the bottom of this page.
  • When will I see the securitization charge on my bill?
    For Oklahoma Natural Gas customers, the securitization charge will appear on their bills after August 30, 2022. The charge will appear as a line item on bills labeled as Winter Event Cost Recovery. 
  • How long will I have to pay for securitization?
    The securitization charge will be a standard monthly fee added to customers’ bills for the duration of the bonds’ 25-year term that was approved by the OCC in early 2022. 
  • Are you charging a franchise fee on the securitization fee?
    Oklahoma Natural Gas is following the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s guidance not to charge franchise fees or gross receipts fees on the winter weather event recovery costs. This applies to all Oklahoma utilities that are recovering these costs.  
  • What if I have more questions?
    If you have additional questions you’re not seeing here, email us at If you would prefer to speak with one of our representatives, you can reach us at 800-664-5463. 

We're Here to Help!

We have a page dedicated to offering payment assistance options and programs available to Oklahoma Natural Gas customers.

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How can I get more information?

We have included some frequently asked questions below for more information.

If you would prefer to speak with one of our representatives, you can reach us at 800-664-5463.

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Winter Storm Uri Cost Recovery By the Numbers:

As of November 2023

  • Residential Option A Customers Pay: $5.05
  • Residential Option B Customers Pay: $8.07
  • Low-Income Customers pay: $0
  • Term: 25 years
  • Interest Rate: 4.523% weighted average
  • Total Savings: More than $800 million