Third-Party Notification Plan

The Oklahoma Natural Gas Third-Party Notification Plan provides a special safeguard for customers against loss of service due to nonpayment of past due bills.

Under this program, the customer designates a consenting "third-party" to receive a copy of the monthly gas bills, including any reminder and final notices we send prior to disconnecting service. The "third-party" usually is a caregiver such as a relative, friend or clergyman. These mailings provide the individual ample time to assist the customer in taking action before service is discontinued.

Enrollment in the Third-Party Notification Plan doesn't obligate the designated "third-party" to pay the bill, or to be responsible for payment. It also doesn’t exempt the customer from obligation for payment. Service is discontinued if payment or an appropriate arrangement is not made or adhered to.

Once Third-Party Notification is in place, it remains in effect until the customer or "third-party" asks to be removed from the program. Oklahoma Natural Gas needs to be notified if the customer or the "third-party" moves or if the customer wants or needs to designate a new "third-party." Oklahoma Natural Gas has no liability if the designated "third-party" fails to receive the notification.

Mail completed form to:

Oklahoma Natural Gas
PO Box 21019
Tulsa, OK 74121-1019