Renewable Natural Gas

The Voluntary RNG Program allows customers to purchase RNG starting at $3.038 per block. RNG projects capture methane from organic materials like food and animal waste. RNG is delivered to customers using existing natural gas pipelines. Because it is chemically identical to traditional natural gas after processing, RNG can be used anywhere you use natural gas, including cooking, heating and laundry.

To enroll, log in or create an online account, select the Renewable Natural Gas Program toggle on the dashboard and follow the instructions.

How it Works:

  • In November each year, Oklahoma Natural Gas will announce the price per RNG block for the following 12 months. The current price is $3.038. This means that depending on when you sign up, you could be charged a different price throughout your 12 months of enrollment.
  • RNG can be more expensive than traditional natural gas due to the costs of converting organic materials into pipeline-quality gas.
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas does not set the price for each block of RNG and does not profit from the program. What we pay for RNG is what our customers pay.
  • Customers can purchase up to 40 blocks per month.
  • Each block represents the environmental attributes of one-quarter dekatherm of RNG. One dekatherm is how we measure your traditional natural gas per/unit fuel cost.
  • Customers can sign up any time of the year. Once enrolled, they must stay in the program at their requested number of blocks for their initial 12 months.
  • Re-enrollment requires no action. Customers can request removal before their initial 12-month period ends, and they’ll be removed once that period concludes. After 12 months, they can remove themselves at any time.
  • The RNG charge will show as a separate line item on customer bills, in addition to other applicable service charges, delivery fees, customer fuel costs, fees and taxes. For example, if a monthly natural gas bill is $50 before RNG, that bill will increase by the amount of blocks selected.
  • All residential and small commercial and industrial customers (those under the 200-SCI rate plan, according to their monthly statement) can enroll.