Temperature Adjustment

The Temperature Adjustment, based on historical weather information, helps to offset the impact of weather variations.

Your bill is adjusted to reflect normal weather conditions from November through April each year. It is adjusted down when the weather is colder than normal. When the weather is warmer than normal, it raises your bill. Because temperatures vary from month to month, the adjustment is different each month.

Adjusting bills for temperature is not a new idea. Most other states have such an adjustment because it helps stabilize a customer's bill from year to year.

Your monthly gas bills for November through April have reflected such temperature adjustments since 1995. However, if you would like to opt out of the temperature adjustment billing process, you have two ways of letting us know.

You may inform us completing a contact form or in writing.

Your written request should be mailed to:

Temperature Adjustment Opt Out
Oklahoma Natural Gas
P.O. Box 401
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0401

Be sure to include your Oklahoma Natural Gas account number, the name on the account, the service address and a daytime phone number. You may opt out at any time during the heating season. If you elect to opt out, you will be bound by that decision until the next heating season, at which time you can change your election.