Economic Development

Our vision is to be a premier natural gas distribution company, creating exceptional value for our customers and the communities we serve. We’re dedicated to supporting regional growth and delivering natural gas for a better tomorrow. We want to partner with you on innovative and forward-thinking solutions to support your development initiatives and growth strategy.

To give you the most comprehensive proposal, here's what we will need:

  • Type of development and how natural gas will be used
  • Location of development
  • Capacity requirements (MCF, DTH or BTU loads)
  • Load requirements (annual, peak day and hourly, if possible)
  • Pressure requirements (minimum and maximum)
  • Natural gas equipment specs for all connected equipment (initial and future planned)
  • Business operating hours (normal operating hours, hard starts and stops, hours per day, days per week and weeks per year)
  • Requested date for service activation

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If we can help grow your business or if you have any economic development related questions, please contact our local team member:

    Martie Oyler

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