Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -- January 6 -- Oklahoma Natural Gas Company has made public preliminary results of its investigation into the house explosion that occurred on January 2, 2016, at 12505 Whispering Hollow Drive in Oklahoma City.

Preliminary results indicate that a leak occurred at a weld seam in a section of the gas main. Natural gas escaped from the main and migrated underground where it entered the residence. The gas was then ignited by an unknown source.

The segment of pipe involved has been removed and preserved for further examination by Oklahoma Natural Gas in coordination with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and other interested parties to determine the cause of the leak.

The gas main has been repaired and is safely back in service to the unaffected households.

We continue to actively work with those residents unable to return to their homes to secure temporary accommodations and other means of assistance. A claims hotline has been set up, and affected residents in the immediate area should call 1-877-620-4193.

As a reminder, if you smell natural gas in your area, leave immediately and call 911 or Oklahoma Natural Gas 1-800-458-4251.