Western Heights School District is composed of eight different schools outside of Oklahoma City that serve more than 3,600 students. In an effort to optimize the experiences of the students and the staff, as well as improve their places of learning, a field representative from Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) contacted the district and explained how the ONG Direct Install program would benefit the schools.

They determined several beneficial solutions that their Direct Install Program could provide, namely concerning water usage and cold air deferral. Through its Direct Install Program, that concurrently cuts costs on utility bills while maintaining quality, the school district installed low-flow aerators and pre-rinse spray valves throughout the school.

The incentives reached around $36,175 plus an estimated savings of 39,363 terms,
with even more savings forecasted in the years to come.

In addition, they installed weather stripping on entrance doors and overhead weather stripping on rollup doors. This service was offered at no cost.

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