The Opportunity

The Oklahoma Natural Gas Commercial Program offers free air and duct sealing services that help multifamily properties lower utility costs and improve tenant comfort and retention. Brookwood Apartments in Owasso, Oklahoma, is one of over 3,000 participating properties enjoying benefits such as:

  • Fewer calls from tenants about temperature issues
  • Improved health and safety with less moisture and air contaminants
  • Greater heating and cooling system performance
  • Savings of up to 25% on winter heating bills

The Project

Brookwood Apartments worked with a participating contractor to identify areas of air leakage and unwanted heat loss and gain throughout the property. This is one of the most important steps you can take before making other energy-saving improvements.

With support from Oklahoma Natural Gas, Brookwood received these services at no cost. In each apartment, the contractor sealed leaks around heating and air vents, behind the return air grill, and other visible cracks. This process takes about 45 minutes per apartment, and contractors can typically complete 10–15 apartments in a day.

The Results

After completing the project, the contractor performed an air leakage test to assure the best results were met for each unit. Daniel Huffman, the manager at Brookwood Apartments, felt the difference right away.

“I finally had air flowing through my kitchen and living room. Many residents came in the office to say they noticed a difference in their units as well. And the craziest part is it was all free,” she said.

Oklahoma Natural Gas provided the contractor a $27,670 incentive to cover the entire cost of the project, allowing Brookwood Apartments to receive the upgrades at no cost. Thanks to these upgrades, Brookwood looks forward to saving an estimated $11,651 each year in natural gas utility costs for its residents.

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*Comparison provided according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Calculations.