As part of the Centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, ONE Gas, parent company of Oklahoma Natural Gas, participated in the unveiling of The Black Wall Street Memorial at Tulsa’s Greenwood Cultural Center. 

“We’re presenting the Memorial in a way it is supposed to be presented” -Frances Jordan-Rakeshaw, Executive Director of the Greenwood Cultural Center

The memorial lists the names of hundreds of Black-owned businesses that were once located in the historic Greenwood District. As part of a series of grants given to Greenwood organizations, the ONE Gas Foundation gave money to repair and renovate the memorial that will hopefully spur more conversations about the legacy Black Wall Street has on our country.

“As people from around the world come to visit Greenwood and The Black Wall Street Memorial, I hope it is a place they can stop, have a moment of silence and reflect on the loss of life and generational wealth on those days back in 1921.” - Pierce Norton, CEO of ONE Gas

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