The Oklahoma Natural Gas company has many opportunities for commercial buildings to get help with the purchase of new space heating equipment through the Custom Solutions program. Administrators at Mustang Public Schools learned about the Custom Solutions opportunity when a contractor familiar with the program alerted them to the incentive funding available for efficient natural gas furnaces and boilers.


With help from the Custom Solutions program and their contractor, Mustang Public Schools learned that they could upgrade their old 80% efficient hot water boiler to a new 94% efficient condensing hot water boiler. The new boiler will continue to provide comfort heating to the school with less wasted natural gas and at a lower cost.


Mustang Public Schools received $3,049 in incentives from Oklahoma Natural Gas to help pay for the 94% efficient condensing hot water boiler. Over the twenty-year life of the equipment, an estimated $1,765 will be saved each year in avoided natural gas costs because the boiler burns fuel more efficiently than standard efficiency boilers.

Mustang Public Schools will also save approximately 3,210 therms of energy annually. That’s the equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from driving more than 40,790 miles in an average passenger vehicle!*

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Mustang Public Schools Case Study






*Comparison provided according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Calculations.