When Shawnee Cleaners won a new contract for laundry services, the owners knew they needed to expand their operations to meet the increased demand. The owners also knew that they could work with Oklahoma Natural Gas to get help identifying the most efficient laundry equipment for their expansion.


Working with the Custom Solutions Program offered by Oklahoma Natural Gas, Shawnee Cleaners was able to identify two high performance washers, an instant water heater, and two best-in-class industrial dryers as the preferred equipment to prevent wasting energy and water. With the help of the program, Shawnee Cleaners decided to move forward with the purchase of the high-efficiency equipment for the new laundry facility.


Shawnee Cleaners received $17,207 in incentives from Oklahoma Natural Gas to help pay for the high-efficiency equipment they selected for the expansion of their business. Over the life of the equipment, an estimated $12,000 will be saved each year in avoided energy costs, compared to standard efficiency equipment.

Shawnee Cleaners will also save approximately 18,113 therms of energy each year. That’s the equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from driving more than 230,000 miles in an average passenger vehicle!*

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Shawnee Cleaners Case Study






*Comparison provided according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Calculations.