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For most dry cleaners, the boiler and steam system account for the vast majority of energy costs. Oklahoma Natural Gas can help you make sure yours is operating as efficiently as possible with a range of services and incentives tailored to the dry cleaning industry. 

Available Incentives:

  • Steam trap survey: Failed steam traps waste energy, increase production costs and put added wear on your system. Let us review your steam system and provide you with resources and incentives for any needed repairs.
  • Pipe and tank insulation: Insulation reduces heat loss and unnecessary strain on your boiler. Incentives are available to insulate  any bare tanks and piping.
  • Boiler replacement: Upgrading to a high-efficiency boiler can significantly lower your energy and fuel costs.
  • Boiler controls: Electronic controls reduce unnecessary fuel loss by adjusting operation based on load.
  • Burners: Modulating burners save energy by adjusting output based on load and other variables.
  • Economizer: Boiler economizers capture and recycle waste heat to preheat the boiler feedwater.
  • High-efficiency dryers: Moisture sensors and other modern features reduce energy use and drying time.

Let's Get Started

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