You may have heard the term Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) before as a buzzword in the business world, but what is it really all about? 

Erin Dailey, our director of Sustainability, talks about our 2022 ESG report and how Oklahoma Natural Gas creates a better tomorrow for our planet, our people and the communities we serve. 

Erin Dailey

What does a director of Sustainability do?

I help drive the ESG-related strategy for ONE Gas, which includes our Oklahoma natural gas utility company Oklahoma Natural Gas. ESG isn’t a new concept to us; it’s something we’ve been doing for years. My role is to examine and report on these initiatives to our stakeholders, who include our investors, customers, employees and communities. I also help guide discussions about innovation and ways we can continuously improve.

What role does Oklahoma Natural Gas play in a cleaner energy future?

The transition toward sustainable energy is a complex issue. Everyone wants cleaner energy, and everyone also wants to have hot water in their homes to take a shower or do laundry and heat to cook dinner or stay warm in the winter. Oklahoma Natural Gas has an important role to play in helping balance these different and sometimes competing needs.

As a natural gas distribution company, our assets are critical for providing safe, reliable and affordable energy, and these assets will continue to be valuable throughout this energy transition. We are actively working on more sustainable energy sources like renewable natural gas (RNG) and low-carbon hydrogen technologies, and I see us continuing to be a key player in the development of cleaner energy as time goes on.

What are some ESG initiatives happening in Oklahoma?

There are a lot of conversations in the state about the potential for hydrogen production, and I think Oklahoma has the opportunity to be a clean hydrogen hub. Oklahoma Natural Gas is involved in the Clean Hydrogen Coalition in Oklahoma, and I’m excited about the technology that’s being developed to explore making hydrogen a viable part of this energy transition. 
We’re also always looking for ways to invest in our communities through volunteerism, grants, corporate sponsorships and community giving. Last year, we donated more than $1.9 million across the state of Oklahoma to support education and community enrichment and development, and we want to continue supporting those local efforts.