Talk about an uncomfortable welcome to your new neighborhood. You just bought a new property, called Oklahoma Natural Gas to set up gas service, then forget to lock your front door. Next thing you know, a stranger has managed to enter and hide in your house.


That's what happened to one of our Tulsa-area customers recently.

Luckily, Kevin C., an Oklahoma Natural Gas service tech, was at the home assisting the customer with her gas service and was able to keep the customer safe when the intruder started behaving erratically.

Kevin C

"While I was performing my testing procedures on the meter settings, the customer and I were making small talk," Kevin explained. "At one point, I looked up and noticed a stranger standing in the back doorway of the house." Kevin quickly learned the customer didn't know this person. "The intruder asked a strange question, said Kevin.


When the customer kindly asked the stranger to leave, the stranger did not comply and began to get aggressive, damaging some kitchen cabinets in response.


Quick action saves the day

To protect the customer, Kevin instinctively positioned himself between the customer and the stranger, then dialed 911.


"I calmly pointed my hand to the front door and asked to go to the front yard and figure this out," said Kevin.


The situation escalated again as the intruder became irate and picked up a brick to throw at the customer. "I told the stranger, 'No, we will not do that. We will wait right here for the police so they can see the proof of your ownership of the house," said Kevin. "I figured this would give the stranger a sense of me being somewhat on their side to defuse the situation."


After more distressing behavior from the stranger, Kevin told the intruder they needed to quietly stand in the street to wait for the police or leave.


"The stranger at this time grew frustrated even more with the situation and may have finally heard the word 'police' or the last time when they started yelling as they walked away," said Kevin.


Two police units arrived soon after the stranger walked away to a nearby apartment tower. Kevin left knowing the customer was safe and that he could work on his other orders for the day.


Living out our #1 core value: safety.

"I felt happy to help the customer in this difficult situation and I felt that the stranger would listen to my commands," said Kevin.
"I feel like God puts you in the right place at the right time. I am not sure what could have happened to the customer had I not been there but do know that the stranger had it set in their mind to fight."