It was just a normal workday for William, a service tech in Tulsa, when he noticed three boys running from a dog.

What followed was quick thinking and swift action that saved a child from severe injury or worse.

As the boys (ages 11-13) ran from the dog, the two oldest hopped into the bed of William’s service truck as youngest boy was bitten and dragged to his knees.

William responded immediately, quickly running to the boy and using his tools to scare the dog away. He then wrapped the boy’s hand in paper towels and applied pressure to the injured area, then he called 911. 

Afterward, William talked to a parent of the child who was bitten.

“He was very thankful that I was in the right place at the right time,” said William. “I would hope anyone in my position would do the same thing. We protect life and property, even if it isn't gas-related.”

William’s first-aid training allowed him to focus under stress and help the child. After a few bandages, the boy will be back to 100% soon.

“I’m just grateful I could help the young man," he said. 

Jim Jarrett, vice president of Operations for Oklahoma Natural Gas, praised William's heroic actions.

“Our priority is the protection of life then property," said Jim. "William took this well beyond his everyday role in Customer Service when he intervened on behalf of this young kid who was in danger. His immediate and subsequent actions exemplify our number one Core Value of Safety."