From time to time, you might see an Oklahoma Natural Gas technician in your yard. Don’t worry – they are there for your safety. Every so often, our technicians may need to access your yard to check pipelines, conduct maintenance or take meter readings.

We are required by federal and state regulations to periodically survey our pipelines. To do that, our employees and contractors must have direct access to natural gas pipelines and equipment buried in your yard. An aboveground leak survey will typically take only a few minutes, and because it does not require access inside the home, you may not even notice it has been done. These routine leak surveys help us make sure our systems are operating properly and safely. Our teams also complete other onsite maintenance, including cathodic protection test stations in yards and other preventive maintenance, which can vary in time they take to complete.

Oklahoma Natural Gas employees also may need access to your yard when you have a scheduled appointment. Performing the following actions can help prepare for a quick and easy appointment:

  • Leave your gate or fence unlocked the day of your appointment so the technician can easily access your natural gas meter.
  • Be available to grant our technician access to your home if requested and needed as part of your appointment.
  • Ensure that all pets are secured in a safe place away from the technician.

If you’re unsure of the legitimacy of someone claiming to work for Oklahoma Natural Gas, ask to see their ID. Our employees and contractors always carry company photo identification cards, and they will be happy to show you upon request. Note: There are some instances where third-party contractors complete work in Oklahoma Natural Gas’ behalf. Though these individuals wouldn’t have an Oklahoma Natural Gas uniform or vehicle, they will carry an ID that shows that they are an Oklahoma Natural Gas contractor. 

You can play a role in keeping meters and pipelines safe, too. Keep your meter clear of any obstructions or debris and avoid planting trees or large shrubs near your meter. Be sure to always call 811 at least three days before you dig so that any underground utility lines can be marked. And if you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately, and then call 911 and Oklahoma Natural Gas at 800-458-4251. More information about natural gas safety can be found here