Severe weather can be unpredictable and cause damage. Is your property ready to brave the storm? 

Extreme weather events can leave us frightened and uncertain about how to prepare or respond in the aftermath. Preparedness is key when it comes to severe weather. While there are general best practices to stay safe, Oklahoma Natural Gas is here to share some important things to remember about your natural gas service to remain safe through any storm.

Before severe weather 

  • Check around your natural gas meter and remove any objects that could be blown into or against the meter by strong winds or pushed into the meter by heavy rain and flooding. 
  • Remove any branches or other objects above the meter that could fall onto and damage the meter. 

After severe weather 

  • If your meter has been damaged or you smell natural gas, usually described as a pungent, “rotten egg” odor, leave the area immediately, then call 911 and us at 800-458-4251. 
  • If your natural gas meter was turned off or your service was interrupted during the storm, call our customer service at 800-664-5463 to have your service restored. 
  • Do not attempt to turn your natural gas meter back on. Only an Oklahoma Natural Gas service technician may perform this task. 
  • Before digging or cleaning debris, contact 811 to have underground natural gas pipelines and other utility lines located. 

We recommend that if you are concerned about the condition of piping or appliances within your home, please call a licensed professional (e.g., a plumber) for an inspection. 

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