New Homes Programs

A Blueprint for Greener Construction

So much goes into creating an energy-efficient home ­– from selecting the right appliances to super-sealing the interior and exterior to prevent air leakage. Builders are encouraged to contact us about rebates of $750 on individually metered, newly constructed residential homes and $100 on the installation of a natural gas clothes dryer outlet that adhere to our New Home Program guidelines.

In turn, these improvements contribute toward our goal of achieving roughly a 1% annual decline in individual consumption, reducing end-use demand and emissions.

natural gas outdoor appliances
energy modeling example

Model Behavior

Energy modeling software offers builders an essential tool for determining the most cost-efficient measures for building a home that’s as close to zero energy as possible. This modeling takes place through multiple phases of the design, helping to ensure that each new integration is optimal to the bigger picture as the build progresses.

Builders can weigh which upgrades make the most sense for each new home. Planning wisely maximizes the return benefits and thus helps offset any additional cost required.